Delano Bartolomei

Website Developer and Photographer

Delano Bartolomei is the Website Developer and Photographer for Adform Interiors. He is responsible for the designing, development and overall maintenance of the website. He strives to create visually appealing interfaces for an optimal user experience. He works collaboratively with Jennifer Paquin , and the team, to document each project in before, progress and after photography. Together, they capture the uniqueness of each project, highlighting design, construction and furniture facets. Joining Adform Interiors in December 2017, Delano works out of Maryland where he also runs the program operations team for Adform Creative. He takes pride in helping his colleagues, and is always ready for the next challenge. When he’s not working tirelessly to serve clients, Delano enjoys spending time outdoors and nature photography. Delano looks forward to photographing your next design, construction or furniture project!

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