Our Culture

If you haven’t worked with us before, you’ll probably be surprised when we promptly return your call. While unexpected at first, you’ll grow to appreciate our regular updates. No doubt, you’ll be relieved not to receive change orders after your project is completed.

That’s understandable. This is not how things are done in the commercial interiors industry. To us, it’s the way things should be done. Everything we do at Adform Interiors is client-focused. We are passionate about making your interior construction and furniture project something that you and your company are excited about and proud of.

Our Core Values

  • Attitude: We approach projects with the right attitude.
  • Delivery: We always deliver on our promises.
  • First: We put our clients first.
  • Open: We are open to change.
  • Relationships: We build lasting relationships.
  • Meticulous: We are meticulous to the project details.

Our Story

Adform Interiors leadership, led by Bill Macdonald, has over three decades of construction experience.

In that time, we evolved. Unlike other firms, we chose to address the challenges that owners and operators experienced during projects. We chose a business model based on long-term relationships with customers. This led to a unique, customer-led methodology that ensures projects are on-budget, on-time, every time.

Commercial Office Design & Renovation Project Management

As your trusted partner, Adform Interiors is much like a “fractional facility manager” and temporarily becomes an extension of your team. We represent you throughout the entire project, from planning and budgeting, and managing resources, to final delivery.

While other firms are focused on a piece of your commercial office design and renovation project, we are focused on your entire project. We task ourselves with your project’s overall success.

Serving Corporate Clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts

By setting realistic expectations for a manageable set of corporate customers with a substantial presence in Connecticut, Massachusetts and the New England region, we always meet those expectations. If we can’t meet expectations, we’ll be honest and tell you.  We’re more interested in a productive, long-term relationship with our clients than we are taking on a project that has the potential to damage that relationship.

Leadership Team

Bill Macdonald
James Waskey
Sara Ritchie
Geni Forbes
Dan Eckels
Rick Waskey

Job Opportunities

Email us at interiors@adformgroup.com for job opportunities at Adform Interiors