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adform interiors is a creative organization that builds & designs modern workplace environments. From concept to completion we are a one-stop-shop for commercial interior fit-outs. We help organizations create work environments that support productive, engaged employees.

It has been proven time and again that the smallest details can completely change the vibe of an office environment. Seeking to impress? Sometimes the first glance is the beginning of the lasting impression of a business. We can help you formulate that positivity through our superior design, construction, and high-quality furniture offerings.

Our main focus is commercial interior fit-outs, but, we have dealt with exterior renovations and have filled many furniture orders. We collaborate with key personnel to create the right mixture of open workspace, private offices, conference rooms and social hubs for your business to encourage employee collaboration, focus and creativity.

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Telephone: (860)-580-8000

Email: interiors@adformgroup.com

78 Batson Drive, Manchester, CT 06042

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

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Leadership Team
Bill Macdonald

Bill Macdonald

Lead Interiors Advisor
Bill Macdonald is a seasoned professional with 20+years in construction, interior design, furniture, and project management. He heads up our interiors division as Lead Interiors Advisor. Bill has been active in the Connecticut region for over a decade and has an established customer base in commercial interior fit-outs. His primary business to date has been...
Danielli Franquim

Danielli Franquim

Lead Designer
Danielli Franquim is one of our lead designers at Adform Interiors. Originally from Brazil, she moved to the United States, ready to implement her entrepreneurial spirit, starting at NY Institute Art & Design. With more than ten years of experience, Danielli possesses an innate desire to create and design commercial interiors that meets clients’ expectations,...
Dan Eckels

Dan Eckels

Project Supervisor
Dan Eckels is a project supervisor at Adform Interiors. Dan oversees the construction activities that take place at each worksite. He is involved in planning, organizing and allocating resources and materials while maintaining a safe, secure and healthy work environment. Dan works closely with Bill Macdonald , an interiors advisor at Adform Interiors. Together, they monitor budgets...
James Waskey

James Waskey

General Manager
James Waskey is the General Manager at Adform Interiors, which is a division of the Adform Group. He oversees the day-to-day operations here at Adform Interiors, as well for Adform Creative which is our branded merchandise division. While involved in planning, organizing and allocating resources throughout the divisions, James works closely with Bill Macdonald, Jennifer...
Jennifer Paquin

Jennifer Paquin

Marketing Manager
Jennifer Paquin is the Marketing Manager at Adform Interiors. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the brand and manages all marketing activities for the division, including public relations, website development, and sponsor relations. She works collaboratively with Bill Macdonald, James Waskey, and the team, to ensure client’s needs are met. Together, they monitor...
Delano Bartolomei

Delano Bartolomei

Website Developer and Photographer
Delano Bartolomei is the Website Developer and Photographer for Adform Interiors. He is responsible for the designing, development and overall maintenance of the AdformInteriors.com website. He strives to create visually appealing interfaces for an optimal user experience. He works collaboratively with Jennifer Paquin , and the team, to document each project in before, progress and after...
Shannon Waskey

Shannon Waskey

Finance Administration Coordinator
Shannon Waskey is the Finance Administration Coordinator for Adform Interiors. She is responsible for client billing preparation and financial arrangements. She works collaboratively with Bill Macdonald , James Waskey , Jennifer Paquin , and the team, to ensure client’s needs are met. Together, they monitor billing cycles, daily and monthly collections and production numbers. Joining Adform Interiors in December 2017,...
Wendy Macdonald

Wendy Macdonald

Administration Coordinator
Wendy Macdonald is an Administration Coordinator for Adform Interiors. She is responsible for office management, purchase and sales orders, plus production shipping and coordination of deadlines. She works collaboratively with Bill Macdonlad , James Waskey , Shannon Waskey , and the team, to ensure client’s needs are met. Together they monitor production numbers and job deadlines. Joining Adform Interiors in December...


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