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01. Design
Our mission is to bring out the full potential of your space while working with you to build the perfect office environment. We set your project in motion by providing dimensional renderings of conceptual ideas. You will envision the end goal before one tool is lifted, to ensure we heard your needs loud and clear. Our design team creates modern workspaces by blending custom designs with quality furniture. We welcome new layout challenges and thrive on incorporating new industry trends into space planning.
02. Build
Now comes the fun part – building! Once your construction plans are approved, we ensure each step of the project is managed carefully for quality assurance and to meet targeted deadlines. From daily/weekly on-site checks, calls and meetings, maintaining a safe work-site, to supervising material delivery, each detail will be meticulously tended to.
03. Deliver
We deliver what is promised and expected. Whether it’s simply ordering a new chair, designing a new office layout, or custom-building entire pieces. We provide great products and services every time. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Contact us today!



Featured Partner

Volker Cubes

A lighthearted, simple, smart design that fits readily into any space to draw people together. Volker Cubes and Tables take on many roles, making them equally suited to impromptu gathering places, side seating, learning environments, or casual waiting areas. Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 18″, Nesting table: 37″ x 37″ x 19”H, and Cubes are rated to 300 lbs.

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Height Adjustable Tables

AIS offers two Height Adjustable Tables to meet interior needs. Their executive height adjustable table is ideal for private offices and integrates with their Calibrate Series. The standard height adjustable table brings flexibility to open plan environments with ease.

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Triad Stool

Triad is a lightweight high-density stack chair that stacks up to 40 on a dolly. Triad offers flexibility and ease of use in cafeteria, training spaces, classrooms, auditoriums or any area where extra seating is required.

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Mobile White Boards

Mobile white boards provide flexibility when collaborating. With rolling casters and two sizes to choose from, impromptu meeting spaces and brainstorming spaces are never far from reach.

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Hospitality Catering Cart

AIS hospitality/catering cart provides portable storage and flexibility. With a tasteful rolling design, generous surface area, adjustable shelves and side compartments, this cart will be a highly utilized member of your team.

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