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The 4P’s Of A Successful Project

Construction projects are very complex and there are always unexpected challenges. These complexities and challenges become exponentially more difficult for companies to manage when working with several different tradespeople on a project.

Adform Interiors has simplified the construction process. Our approach is a customer-centric one, in which we are a single point of contact throughout the entire project. When clients have questions about HVAC, lighting, furniture… whatever, they work with us. There’s no finger-pointing between trades. Adform is accountable. 

How can we do this, while much of the construction industry doesn’t? Our approach, refined over the years, is something we call the 4Ps: Planning, Procurement, Project Management, and Provisioning.


Taking time up-front to plan your project will minimize surprises. Adform Interiors can anticipate issues and scope your project realistically. Planning also helps to set expectations up front. Everyone involved in your project must understand the desired outcome, budget, and timeframe.


Think of procurement as finalizing the plan—all the details, including costs. We define the project parameters and even map out a few contingencies. The importance of this step is to make sure you are comfortable with the project’s scope. There will be no change orders unless you ask for something more.

Project Management

This is the stage when things get done! Lead times are critical while coordinating different tradespeople, materials delivery, and more. Our goal, of course, is to minimize disruption by anticipating and addressing issues as quickly as possible. We sweat the details, so you won’t have to.


This final stage ties back to planning. The goal is to fulfill the vision of your project. Adform takes the extra time to make sure the space is aesthetically pleasing and everything functions as planned, right down to the lights and furniture.

The DIY Approach

Companies often think the D.I.Y. approach will save money. They believe that working directly with tradespeople and suppliers will be cost-effective. Inevitably, companies learn that there’s a lot more involved in construction projects than they initially thought. They run into surprise costs. They see schedules slip. They spend much more of their own time on the project than they ever thought they would.

For more than three decades, Adform Interiors has used the 4P Process to save clients time and money. And, compared to the D.I.Y. approach, the process also helps customers avoid a lot of headaches!

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