20,000 ft2
Florence, SC

Otis needed collaboration zones and multifunctional spaces to meet the needs of its hybrid workforce. The 250-seat space uses a combination of booths, banquet/bench seating, high-top tables, and café tables and chairs to allow employees to work when, how, and where they want.

The Otis manufacturing plant in Florence, South Carolina, re-designed a 20,000 ft2 space, which included a large cafeteria, several adjoining rooms, and part of a warehouse. The company wanted a space that better met the needs of its hybrid workforce.

The Otis Real Estate team created collaboration zones and multifunction spaces by exchanging old cafeteria tables and chairs for a variety of new banquet/bench seating, high-top tables, café tables and chairs, and more.

Flexible Workspace Finishing

Overall, Otis is trying to shift away from single-use, single-purpose spaces. Creating a range of work settings with flexible furniture allows employees to decide how, when, and where they can do their best work.

The remodel at the Florence factory aligns with the recent update to the 100,000 ft2 remodeling project at Otis headquarters in Farmington, Connecticut. Otis achieved a quality fit-and-finish while using furniture manufacturers at lower price points.

Affordable Commercial Office Furniture Solutions

While planning the 250-seat space with Otis, Adform Interiors recommended commercial office furniture solutions for the South Carolina project—including dining booths and custom tables from various vendors for every style and budget. Often smaller companies are more agile and affordable than big brands, which Otis appreciated on this project.

After years of working together, including the remodeling of Otis headquarters, Adform Interiors knew what Otis was looking for in terms of design, quality, and price. Adform also completed the Florence project remotely as a trusted partner through its network of contractors who delivered, installed, and set up the furniture.

A valuable byproduct of our long-term relationship, Adform has developed a deep understanding of what Otis wants. This enables us to act as an extension of the Otis in-house team. Whether selecting furniture, designing a flexible workspace, or remodeling an entire floor, long-term relationships help Adform Interiors better meet the needs of its clients.

In the end, the Florence project was a success, just like the Farmington project. Otis also now has standardized on multiple furniture suppliers, which gives them flexibility on future projects.