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The Blueprint – #7

In the beginning, there were private offices and cubicle farms, then came the open and group workstations. Today, with open plan layouts and collaboration trends in full swing, along comes a new design option – the balanced workspace.

Companies are starting to discover their employees need an environment that strikes a balance between concentration and collaboration. For some, the open plan design creates disruption, distraction, and stress which decrease productivity, creativity, and morale. The worker’s space becomes uniform and any sense of control dissipates.

This can be improved by providing your team with a variety of spaces. A balanced workspace encompasses several types of environments that employees can utilize when they see fit. The options should include a mix of open work spaces to encourage teamwork and brainstorming, counteracted by private meeting areas and quiet spaces for focused work. The more variety of spaces offered the higher the likelihood needs will be met, therefore increasing productivity. Based on your office layout some of the following could be incorporated: bleachers , phonebooths , railway carriages , plus custom designed pieces.

Adform Interiors welcomes the opportunity to provide you with an assessment of your office to determine the level of balance. We have designed numerous, balanced spaces to date. A great example where balance played a major role was the renovation of our own office! Check it out below and if you’re finding your office needs balance, contact us!

We’ve gathered some great resources below, to assist you in learning more about balanced workspaces:

Team Member Spotlight – Delano Bartolomei

Delano Bartolomei is the Website Developer and Photographer for Adform Interiors. He is responsible for the designing, development and overall maintenance of the AdformInteriors.com website. He strives to create visually appealing interfaces for an optimal user experience.

He works collaboratively with Jennifer Paquin , and the team, to document each project in before, progress and after photography. Together, they capture the uniqueness of each project, highlighting design, construction and furniture facets.

Joining Adform Interiors in December 2017, Delano works out of Maryland where he also runs the program operations team for Adform Creative . He takes pride in helping his colleagues, and is always ready for the next challenge. When he’s not working tirelessly to serve clients, Delano enjoys spending time outdoors and nature photography.

Delano looks forward to photographing your next design, construction or furniture project!

Adform Interiors Finds Balance with Collaboration

We are turning the tables around (literally) and featuring us this month! Adform Interiors completely renovated a wing of our building to make way for our new state-of-the-art collaboration space. Under the direction of our lead designer Danielli Franquim and the team, we executed and implemented all design build-out aspects of the space, plus furniture.

The overall space was inspired by open plan, collaborative workspaces. The space design allows for multi-functional activities and privacy when needed. The collaboration space includes a standing height innovation center, sit/stand workstation pods, lockers, glass walls, planter accent area, brainstorm lounge, and abstract artwork on brand with corporate brand standards.

Call your next meeting at the bleachers!

Bleachers are perfect for providing unexpected, chance collaborations, bridging the gap between a meeting room and an auditorium-style space. With their flexibility, employees can instantly create the desired environment for any interaction, making a personal, informal space that will foster a flow of inspiration and new ideas. The bleachers system engages the employee with their environment as it quickly becomes their personal space. Available in a wide range of upholstery finishes and varying sizes, with add-on seat-pads or footplates, this modular system is like giant Lego! It can be reconfigured to create any collaborative space.

If you’d like to learn more about bleacher options, contact Adform Interiors .

Slide Into Your Break Time!

Got a slide in your office? Ya, we don’t either. Google , Red Bull , Lego , and Youtube do, just to name a few! Office slides create motivation, gets creative juices flowing, and promotes teamwork. Let’s not forget a stress reducer as well.

If your already sweating over the potential injury lawsuits, no worries have employees sign a waiver surrendering all right to injury-claims.

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