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The Blueprint – Issue #6

The invasion of no privacy has arrived! With the collaboration trend invading today’s workspaces, along with it comes another trend – no privacy.

Companies are starting to realize the issues with open plan designs. The lack of employee privacy has led to lower productivity and increased discontentment. While collaboration is still highly valued, the working world is calling for a mix of private, semi-private, and open areas. Several new products have entered the market that focus on visual privacy, which is hiding or shielding the employee from view. A good example is the Spacestor Phonebooth . Furniture with high-backs and wraparound designs are becoming essential to the workplace. Audio privacy is also important to consider, which is reducing or cutting sound. Acoustic dampeners and absorbers can be incorporated into artwork, then strategically placed throughout the office. Visit our website to see an acoustical panel project we did for an insurance client .

Adform Interiors can assist you with incorporating privacy options that fit into your space and brand. Whether you want to make a statement with your logo or add unique furniture and accents, we are your one-stop-shop. We have designed numerous, private spaces to date. A great example where privacy played a major role is at United Technologies Research Center . Check it out below and if you’re finding your office needs an invasion of privacy, contact us today!

We’ve gathered some great resources below, to assist you in learning more about workspace privacy:

How Your Open-Plan Office Is Killing Your Privacy and Safety , Forbes , Stephanie Sarkis

Find peace and quiet at work – yes, it exists , Jones Lang LaSalle IP 

Gen Z Says They Are Most Productive When Working Around Noise , Poly



Team Member Spotlight – Shannon Waskey

Shannon Waskey is the Finance Administration Coordinator for Adform Interiors. She is responsible for client billing preparation and financial arrangements. She works collaboratively with Bill Macdonald , James Waskey, Jennifer Paquin , and the team, to ensure client’s needs are met. Together, they monitor billing cycles, daily and monthly collections and production numbers.

Joining Adform Interiors in December 2017, Shannon works out of Maryland where she also runs the finance team for Adform Creative. She is all about the details, takes pride in helping colleagues, and is always ready for the next challenge. When she’s not working tirelessly to serve clients, Shannon loves spending time outdoors and getting exercise.

Shannon is happy to assist you with any finance questions and looks forward to hearing about your next design project!

Connect with Shannon on Linked-In Today!


A Call for Phone Rooms at United Technologies Research Center

Our featured project for this issue is United Technologies Research Center’s phone rooms. Under the direction of UTRC’s facilities team we executed and implemented all design build-out aspects of the phone rooms.

The overall space was inspired by Google’s open, collaborative workspaces. The space design allows for multi-functional activities and privacy when needed. The space includes several phone rooms, which allow for confidential meetings and private calls.

Sometimes you just need to be alone. Check out these modern pods and booths.

Dedicated quiet spaces are a necessity within the high-tech buzz of the modern working environment. Whether you’re in need of a solitary space for private conversation or high focus working, the Spacestor’s Residences Range creates iconic enclosures within the workplace, providing a serene sanctuary. These space-efficient pods provide private space using a minimum floor area. Available as an individual pod, configured for either standing or seated working positions, or as a private meeting space for two people. The Residences Range boasts extremely high acoustic quality, has a constant flow of fresh air with built in air vents and a highly adaptable design with a huge range of finishes options.

If you’d like to learn more about these pods and booths options, contactAdform Interiors today!



The Red Telephone Box Makes a Comeback

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott , a British architect created the winning telephone box design in a 1924 competition. His design was named Kiosk No 2.

The red, legendary British icon is making a unique comeback! The regal, unmistakable boxes now piling up in scrapyards, are beginning new lives. The boxes are being up-cycled into cell phone repair shops, mini cafes, public libraries, mini art galleries and defibrillator stations. Now that’s a good call!

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