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Why Glass?

Glass is classy!

Incorporating glass walls into your décor conveys your business is modern and forward-looking. In reception areas and lobbies, clean glass looks sharp and sophisticated. Private offices and cubicle systems enclosed by glass suggest honesty and trust. Your customers will immediately sense your business is sincere and transparent.

Glass = Privacy (Yes, Really)

Privacy can still be maintained with glass by incorporating patterned, tinted, frosted, or textured. Many of our clients choose to frost their glass walls to allow for a greater sense of privacy and to prevent that feeling of being in a fishbowl. For offices like Human Resources, frosted is a great solution, so that employees don’t feel on display while discussing sensitive matters. Mixing clear glass panels with textured glass can allow for subtle seclusion for a private office or a conference space. Incorporating glass into your conference room spaces allows for uniformity throughout the office and provides a welcoming feeling for clients and special guests. To make acoustics better, you can select thicker glass and use sound-masking technology, these choices will ensure loud conversations won’t travel. Framed glass is another option, by placing a frame around your glass walls, you reduce the “bird” effect, where people don’t see the glass and walk right into it. Cloaking film can also be applied as an extra layer of data security. The film allows people to see through glass but does not allow them to see computer screens or other digital screens.

Glass Can Reduce Costs

The glass allows for more natural light to fill a space, which reduces the amount of lighting needed and can also reduce your electric bill.

Glass Reflects Positive Vibes

Just like your favorite playlist, natural light can give you energy! This can lead to increased productivity and boost employee morale. Noise is reduced while phone calls are kept confidential. It’s a time saver too since employees can immediately see if someone is available or not. Plus glass can aid in improving an open-door culture when it comes to employees approaching executives.

Glass Lasts Longer

Glass maintains a brand new look for much longer than traditional materials. Glass can be wiped down, whereas painted walls are prone to scratches. Glass has the unique ability to be installed and then re-installed as the space requires. This is great for companies that foresee expansion or growth in their future and might need to move to a larger or different space – the glass walls go where the company goes!

Glass Can Be Customized & Branded

Customizing glass walls with decals can also add privacy, but can also make a statement by integrating the company’s brand colors, logo, or graphics in a way that feels modern and clean. Decals can add a pop of color and are easily removable should a company need to go in a different design direction.

Are you ready to elevate the look and feel of your office?

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