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Your Next Task – Replacing your office chairs

Does purchasing new chairs for your office keep moving down on your task list? Are you uncertain about what’s important when deciding on styles and brands? Adform Interiors can assist you with getting this decision off your list!
There are dozens of chair styles. Task chairs can be small, medium or large, with or without arms, ergonomic with back support, and are intended for shorter use. Executive chairs are softer with maximum ergonomic back support intended for longer use. When considering conference room chairs it’s essential the chairs are ergonomic in order to keep everyone in the meeting comfortable and focused.
When deciding on a type of chair always consider the length of use, work environment, space restrictions, and of course quality. Here are some features you should be looking for when purchasing office chairs:
  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable backrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Sufficient seat depth and width
  • Breathable material and sufficient padding
  • Armrests
  • User-friendly adjustment control

At the end of the workday, it really comes down to two things – will the chair provide good comfort and support for 8+ hours and is the chair’s quality strong enough for daily use?


We’ve gathered some great resources below, to assist you in learning more about selecting the right office chair:


How to Stop Your Office Chair from Killing You, Forbes, David DiSalvo


Natick Task Chair and Stool Adjustment, Video by AIS


John Golden, President of Stylex discusses the SAVA Chair, Video by Stylex


The OM5 Series – Inescapable Comfort. You’ll never want to leave your OM5. Take a seat and try not to laugh! Video by OM.


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Office chairs can vary greatly, that’s why we’ve pulled together different types to suit all of your needs. If you’re looking for a particular chair, just give us a call, we’ll find it! Also, contact us if you’d like to test drive one of the chairs highlighted below.


The 4u Chair 4U
Meet 4u – offering you amazing trailblazing ergonomic Italian design that is so easy to use it works in both office and conference environments. Enjoy the sleek framework of black or white that arches around 8 arm choices including adjustable height, width, and full function cap options. Available as both a mid back and high back with a choice of slimline or extra comfort seats offered in medium or large sizes. There’s no doubt about it. This chair is 4U.
Works Like a Charm Around the Clock
Universal style. Unbeatable quality. That’s what Devens is all about. Combining the latest in comfort and technology, Devens offers easy-to-use features, a weight-activated mechanism, and breathable mesh, delivering comfort and quality for long days of work.
Younique Chair Wins Gold
Younique is a brand new, ” BEST OF NEOCON GOLD’s”  award-winning chair. The shell has a unique patented FLEX ZONE that allows the back to move in the required ergonomic 2 to 1 ratio. The synchronized control also has the latest quick tension adjustment technology that is quickly and easily adjusted to the correct recline setting. The superior ergonomics are further enhanced by a 5% forward tilt function for those that sit forward and “perch” on the front of their chair when working. A chair where you don’t have to sacrifice ergonomics for beauty.

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