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National Ergonomics Month

It’s October.

That also means it’s National Ergonomics Month.

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. Making small modifications to your workspace is worth the investment, and it has taken way too long for people to realize that. This month we are bringing you 5 improvements you could make in your business to improve productivity.

1. Choosing The Right Chair

The right chair is important because you will likely be sitting there for the majority of your life. Provided you don’t change jobs, or it doesn’t break. Your office chair should be supportive but still soft to allow you to be comfortable at your workstation. Visit the Humanscale website for more options.

2. A Standing Desk

Alternating between sitting and standing can help balance the pressure you might feel. Too much of either can affect your health negatively. Adjustable height desks are designed to work for anyone. They can be paired with any other item on the Humanscale website for maximum productivity.

3. An Anti-Fatigue Mat

Also found on the Humanscale website, this mat exists to provide stability and comfort while standing up. Anti-fatigue mats like this, assist people that choose standing over sitting and make it comfortable.

4. Check Out The Tech

These docking stations from Humanscale are USB 3.0 and have dual video capacity. They are designed to fit multiple devices, saving space on your desk. Having less technology that can do more for you is highly beneficial.

5. Monitor Positioning

Lots of people that sit at a desk all day suffer from back pain and muscle cramps. But there isn’t any specific solution to this. You can start by checking the position of your monitor. If it is tilted too high or low, it can lead to improper posture and increased pain. It should be at eye level, with your head and shoulders neutral. 

If you need any other gadgets to improve productivity at your desk, Humanscale can help.

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