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New Renovation Guide and Online Calculator Help Scope Construction Projects to Your Budget

Construction Project in MA by CT company, scoped to budget by Renovation Guide Online Calculator

One of the things our clients like most about working with us is how we set expectations for their interior construction projects, up front. Early in the planning phase, we take time to properly scope their project, anticipate potential issues, and create a realistic schedule and budget.

But some clients aren’t yet in the planning phase. They need help determining what they can do in the first place. For them, we take expectation-setting a step further. You could call it pre-setting expectations. Before discussing project details, we provide clients with typical cost estimates for different types of projects, from a light refresh to a full-blown office renovation project. Leveraging our experience, clients get a better idea of what will fit their budget.

For example, a client once wanted to renovate a 7,000 ft2 space. They had a $150,000 budget but didn’t know how far it would go. We explained to the client that what they wanted to do could cost over $100 per ft2, which could be as much as $750,000 total. Based on their budget, the most they could do was re-paint the office and install a new carpet. Their budget wouldn’t allow them to renovate their office. 

A similar process was used to help Otis Elevator budget for a 3rd-floor remodeling. We estimated that the cost would be less than the $65/ft2 to remodel the first floor of the same building a couple of years prior, partially because they were re-using furniture from a different location. Otis was pleased that their project was under budget! 

We categorize projects into four levels of construction: Refresh, remodel, remodel with new furniture, and renovate. A description and estimated cost per ft2 for each type of project is provided in the table below.


Estimated Costs for Different Projects (10,000 ft2 Space)

Project Type Description Cost per ft2
Refresh Create a new look, update the space design with new carpet, paint. $35 – $55
Remodel  Make minor modifications to the space with light construction, and new flooring, and paint. $45 – $65
Remodel + New Furniture A remodel (above) with new furniture. $75 – $125
Renovate A full Design-Build project including full construction, electric, plumbing, HVAC, finished space with new furniture. $125 – $225

Generally speaking, if a project does not affect the building infrastructure (envelope, heating/ventilation/air conditioning or mechanical/electrical/plumbing/structural), projects will cost less than $100 per ft2, maybe $50 per ft2

We also provide customers with an online calculator to help them get an estimate based on the size and scope of the project they have in mind. This is a terrific resource for customers who are early in the planning process.

Another resource is JLL’s Office Fit Out Guide which provides additional benchmark costs to build-out a range of office types across the US. It all comes down to good communication and setting expectations. Customers appreciate us “budgeting on the fly.” Pre-setting expectations help scope a project to meet a budget. The extra step saves everyone a lot of time. We then can confidently proceed to a detailed proposal.

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