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Our Top 10 from NeoCon 2024

The 55th NeoCon conference kicked off this month in Chicago. Known as the world’s leading event for the commercial design industry, an estimated 50,000 attendees convened at THE MART to learn about the latest trends and innovations through exhibitions, presentations, and workshops. 

There was no shortage of innovations on display. Highlighted below are our picks of the 10 coolest from the show that you might want to consider for your next office renovation or build-out.

1. Focus Booth by Schiavello

The Focus Booth dampens outside noise and provides privacy, allowing for quiet conversations or solo work time. Available in more than 10 variations, including a single booth or ottoman combo, the booths can fit any office layout.

Schiavello Focus Booth

2. Hangout Acoustic Room Divider by MIO Culture

Draping acoustic, decorative quilts over a versatile frame makes the Hangout Acoustic Room Divider a fun and flexible way to absorb sound and define space in today’s open-planned office.  QuiltForms are available in different sizes, stitch patterns, shapes, and colors to match any office design. 

Mio Hangout Acoustic Room Dividers

Hangout Acoustic Room Divider

3. Edison Workbench by Watson Furniture Group

Unlike fixed cubicles of the past, the Edison Workbench provides unlimited possibilities for designing and laying out an office space. Single-sided or dual-sided workstations can be connected and arranged at different angles and heights. Accessories and additional workstations can also be added, making it easy to reconfigure a layout as needs change.

Edison height-adjustable workbenches.

Edison Workbench

4. Bevva by Dauphin

With customizable widths and sleek planes, the Bevva bench offers a high-end, modern look. The angled backrest makes Bevva comfortable and inviting, perfect for a collaboration space. Many Dauphin products contain 35–50% recycled material and are made of recyclable materials, so offices can look good and do good at the same time. 

Bevva Bench

Bevva Bench

5. Turme by Davis Furniture

Simple and sleek, the Turme communal table will work in any current or future office layout. The bar-height tables feature solid steel rod legs for stability in an otherwise “light” table. Choose from several powder coat finishes, veneer, or wood to get the right look. 

Simple and sleek, the Turme communal table will work in any current or future office layout.

Turme Communal Table

6. Ally by OFS

The Ally line of products makes the private office a more casual setting for collaboration. With customizable options, including modular seating options, height-adjustable desks and tables, interactive wall panels, and storage, Ally creates a welcoming space that adapts to support the evolving needs of today’s workplace. 

Ally Private office

Ally line of products

7. Duo Motion by ALUR

New this summer, ALUR’s telescoping doors enable a workspace to join the rest of the open-plan office. The double-glazed panels provide superior sound control for private meetings by simply closing the doors. The Duo Motion product feature a synchronized mechanism to ensure they open and close smoothly and seamlessly.

The Duo Motion double-glazed telescoping door system, the next evolution in telescoping doors for modern commercial interiors.

Duo Motion double-glazed telescoping door system

8. OTS20 Batteryless lock by Ojmar US

The OTS20 Batteryless lock uses RFID technology to operate. It is also cleverly self-powered by “Push Power” technology. Instead of using batteries, power is generated when users push the button to unlock the OTS20.

OTS®20 Batteryless

OTS20 Batteryless lock

9. Combi Table Lamp by Koncept

The Combi table lamp combines simplicity, style, and smart-device charging. A touch dimmer allows users to adjust the brightness to their needs. The sleek lamp also features a high-power USB-C charging port and, for Qi-enabled devices, wireless charging!

Combi table lamp

Combi Table Lamp

10. Frida by Boss Design

Called “focus pods” the Frida line of workstations are soft and inviting. Surrounded by upholstered walls, the pods provide privacy and comfort, giving employees a place to focus. The pods have shelves, phone chargers, storage space, a light, and a coat hook!

Frida, the focus pod that embraces, privacy, comfort and style.

Frida by Boss Design

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