Collins Aerospace

1.5 million ft2
Windsor Locks, CT

Any manufacturing plant has many moving parts, but there’s an added layer of complexity at the Collins Aerospace facility in Windsor Locks, CT.

Every time the company receives or renews a contract, it must significantly change its 1.5 million ft2 factory space. The plant is constantly changing to accommodate new projects.

Construction work is ongoing. Project managers and different trades are on-site every day to support the company’s ever-changing needs. In addition to the projects Collins is working on, Adform Interiors was involved in eight different projects over the past year, and that number is growing.

Recently, the company needed to install a multi-ton machine required for a new manufacturing process. A Cushman & Wakefield project manager was assigned to the project. The installation was urgent, and the Collins facilities team was already fully engaged in other projects. Adform Interiors was brought in to demolish an existing room, allowing third-party riggers to place the massive machine on the factory floor carefully. Adform then installed new flooring, rebuilt the walls, re-installed glass windows and doors, and updated the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler (MEPS) systems, creating a new room dedicated to this new manufacturing line.

The high-security facility requires that Adform Interiors meet the same standards as Collins Aerospace employees, including background checks, Environmental Safety & Health Testing, and OSHA 10 Certification, at a minimum.

Whether converting 10 rooms to one or one room to 10, Adform has had to be responsive, agile, and work very quickly. As Adform Interiors is pre-approved to work on the site and has a strong six-year relationship with Collins, we are able to anticipate and better meet their changing needs when they are awarded commercial and government projects.