MCC Ladders



Client had old galvanized steel roof access ladders that weren’t OSHA approved and were in desperate need of replacing before someone was injured or killed from a fall. The building facility had multiple roof sections and heights which made for a very difficult installation process and typically would require craning roof access ladders to the roof.


We provided a modular roof access ladder system from Fix Fast USA which eliminated the need to crane ladders to the roof and allowed the crew to assemble ladders at each section of the roof. This saved the client significant amounts of funding and allowed for a very quick installation time.

Project Overview:

Repairs in the college’s Arts, Sciences, and Technology Center were made to rectify problems with the building envelope that led to water damage in the center’s roof and interior. Concurrently, exterior and interior repairs were made in three different areas, with more than six contractors working on curtainwall, concrete, roofing, drywall, flooring, and painting.