The Blueprint – February 26th 2021

The Blueprint – February 26th 2021

Time to Re-view the Office

Picking up on our thought that the hybrid way of working is here to stay, so is the need to make employees feel safe in the office (when they are there!).

As much as companies may want their team to return to the office, the reality is, that if they don’t feel safe, they will not return and most workspaces are not designed for this. From the closed-off traditional office to wide-open collaborative workspaces, neither fit the needs of today’s hybrid workforce.

Faced with an unprecedented need to zone workspaces, designers and facilities teams are challenged with dividing up the workplace without sacrificing critical aspects of an effective workspace, such as natural light and an open collaborative feel. Click on the images below to learn more.

Double Glass

You can see but you don’t hear…The privacy of your meetings is paramount. Our double glazed system excels in applications that require increased sound privacy and boasts numerous design options. The double-glazed system meets the highest demands on acoustics while maintaining a visually airy and open interior. Whether you use a partition to separate a busy corridor, where there is traffic all day, or a corporate gym.

Frameless Glass

Maximum transparency and high design… Along with the highest demands on function and every detail. The aesthetics of your space will thus remain intact, as will your ongoing actions inside. You can have one of the narrowest profiles on the market in a design that fits your interior style. Minimalist all-glass frameless partitions that combine transparency and flexibility.

Modular Glass

The Flex Office Wall System offers flexibility and options not normally seen in modular office partitions. Office remodeling and updating come with costs. Building a new wall or adding on can be a big commitment. We understand that and this solution is removable, movable, and reusable office walls that can expand and contract making it a true drywall replacement. The benefits of portability and sustainable design make this room divider partition office wall a smart budget-friendly choice. Quick-ship configuration options are available to help you reconfigure your space in a shorter timeframe.

Workplace Reconfiguration Analysis

With our clients planning for the return of their team to the workplace, there is a need to analyze their space for compatibility with new requirements. We can help with reconfiguration concepts for your space. Click the image below to be directed to our request form

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