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Tech Doesn’t Always Mean Electronics

The Rise of the Video Call

Picking up on our thought that the hybrid way of working is here to stay, so is the need to make employees feel safe in the office (when they are there!).

Video conferencing, a trend only expedited by the pandemic, is improving team connectivity around the globe, but how do we ensure that our workplace designcaters to this growing need as effectively as possible?

Let’s face it, the hybrid workplace is here to stay.

Distributed working has meant that video calls are rapidly increasing. However, most workspaces are simply not designed for this. Auditory and visual distractions are common complaints for users both ends of the call and poor lighting, sound and air ventilation often means staff are not presenting at their best. Placing a screen in a quiet pod is adequate for some scenarios, but for back-to-back video calls, common now in many roles, running these in a space originally designed for a quick phone call can quickly lead to worker fatigue.

Introducing the Residence Connect by Spacestor

Click to watch the Live Spacestor Demo

The All-New Railway Carriage

An innovative and customizable meeting booth that reinvents the modern workspace with its unique design. The majority of meetings are informal, impromptu, and held with under 4 people, meaning a meeting room becomes an expensive and sometimes formally disruptive overkill to a growing need. Our workspaces are increasingly becoming places to collaborate and socialize, so the need for meeting spaces is ever-growing. The All-New Railway Carriage has been developed to meet this exact need. Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, this meeting booth has a sleeker aesthetic with a stronger, more modular design. Available in over 300 million combinations, it has varying styles, a huge range of finish options and accessories. Not only can this pod create an extension of your brand in the workspace with its customizable components, but it is also relocatable and therefore adaptable to ever-changing workspace requirements.

Workplace Analysis Request

With our clients planning for an eventual return of their team to the workplace, there is a need to analyze their space for compatibility with new requirements. We are offering a FREE consultation to help with options available to reconfigure your workplace for returning to work. Click the image below to be directed to our request form.

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