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A Flexible Workspace

Adaptable Furniture

The Flex office was a revolution in the world of work. Flexible workspace is the term for an office space that comes with several creative desk layouts. Different types of workspaces tend to include hot desks, non-fixed desks, or workspaces that any employee can utilize. The principle is simple: more dedicated spaces but self-service workstations in shared, flexible, and connected office spaces.

The flex style allows for a dynamic and collaborative work environment, but in these challenging COVID-19 times, may require constant monitoring and disinfecting. This is where Adform Interiors can help. We are currently offering Workplace Return Analysis Services. What does this mean? We can create a COVID-Compliant floor plan for when employees return to the office or if they already have we can evaluate your current setup. We use a four-step process to determine the following:

– Modification of Amenities
– Office Capacity Analysis
– Reconfiguration of Floor Plans for Safe Social Distancing
– Recommendations for Office Floor Directional Decaling

Later in this email, we will highlight movable items that can assist with a flex workspace, plus other great furniture options to support Covid social distancing requirements.

Being ready for the present and future workplace conditions is ever-changing! Adform Interiors can assist you all along the way to keep pace with these challenging times. We can assist with office reconfigurations, furniture, relocationsPPE, and so much more! We are here even just to talk about your questions or concerns.

Set Boundaries with Calibrate Community

Community takes the Calibrate laminate family one step farther with a simple kit of parts that provides meaningful options for the open plan. Designed with the warmth of residential furniture and the efficiencies of panel systems, Calibrate Community sets clear boundaries for personal space, delineates team areas, and creates a sense of place. No matter how you define community, Calibrate Community has you covered.

Ottomans Get Mobile

Lounge Like You Mean It. Puzzled by the possibilities of an open space? Piece things together with LB Lounge and Ledge. The wide variety of collaborative seating, ottomans, worksurfaces and tables are just right for work, health, and education settings. LB defines settings, creates boundaries, and adds a bold visual punch.

Stand Anywhere with the Laptop Table

A convenient, versatile, and durable solution, that works almost anywhere! You’re going to appreciate this latest product. The new Laptop Tables deliver on all fronts and are ideal as many users seek to easily social distance. This piece is convenient and personal. The lightweight and slim steel base profile can easily slide under – or sit next to – all of our seating options. Its thoughtful design effortlessly supports users’ technology and work tool needs. Users can easily slide the table across the floor and work wherever needed.

Step into the Portals

Staff needs to be empowered to make their own choices about where to work based on the task at hand. Portals is a flexible family of individual protected working spaces connected to the buzz, but with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work. Recognizing the need for adaptability, Portals has future flexibility designed from the start so it can be reconfigured as the office adapts to future needs. With 24 interchangeable sizes available, it meets the needs of many users and tasks through a variety of spaces, from small touchdown perches to larger desks and options for wheelchair users. The plug-and-play range harmonizes with other pods & booths in the Spacestor range and comes factory-built with integrated lighting.

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