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Quick-Ship Furniture Solutions Help Keep Your Construction Project on Schedule and on Budget

A commercial interior project may seem like a fairly simple undertaking. The scope may be simpler compared to a new construction project. But, like any construction project, interior construction is complex, with many moving parts! There’s coordinating timelines, tradespeople, permits, furniture, fixtures, and materials… Of course, there’s often the unexpected issue that no one anticipated, too!

What if you could remove some of that complexity and stay on schedule and on budget?

You can! Quick-ship furniture solutions can make the tail-end of any interior construction project run smoothly. Vendors, like Adform Interiors partner Workspace48, offer in-stock furniture solutions that will ship quickly. There’s no delay, as there is with designing and manufacturing a custom furniture solution—especially in this time of supply-chain delays.

In the case of Workspace48, any of the hundreds of workstations, chairs, desks, dividers, and other items in their product catalog will ship within 48 hours. It’s literally an off-the-shelf furniture solution!

This can greatly reduce the uncertainty of lead times. It’s not uncommon for construction timelines and future timelines to not sync up. With quick-ship furniture, you can be sure furniture will arrive just when construction is completed. You’ll be ready for go-live, and your project will stay on schedule.

If you’re leasing new space, every day you and your empty office are waiting for furniture to be delivered is a waste of money. In that sense, a quick-ship furniture solution can save you money!

Or, maybe, you just don’t have the time and energy to design and decide on a custom office furniture solution. Outfitting your workplace with attractive in-stock furniture is simple, affordable, and convenient.

Visit the Workspace48 Cool Client Projects page to see some terrific images and mini case studies of some impressive projects they have helped clients with.

Whether your new office needs to be up and running by a certain time or you just don’t like unnecessary delays, a quick-ship office furniture solution may be just what you’re looking for. Of course, anything you can do to stay on schedule and on budget is a good thing, too!

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