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Our Secret to Successful Construction Projects? Focus on What We Do Best, Contract the Rest!

Top View of working on Blueprints, Drawing Plans, for interior construction

Over the past 15 years, we have refined our approach to interior, commercial construction projects—an approach that has helped us earn a 100% customer satisfaction rating with our clients. With such an amazing statistic, you might think we have a secret formula for success. It’s simple. We focus solely on doing what we do best: planning, procurement, project management and provisioning of construction projects. 

Construction planning in action.

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Often, construction firms become focused on revenue and growth. So, they broaden their offering of services. But bigger isn’t always better. Instead, we focus on customer satisfaction and continuously improving what we do for our clients. Customer satisfaction unites and excites our in-house team of estimators, budgeters, designers, project planners, and project managers.

Not preoccupied with getting bigger, we maintain a stable of experienced partners that we can bring in for projects when needed. We’ve worked with these partners for years, which means our clients don’t have to screen or qualify trades. We’ve already done it! Our customers experience the same level of quality they are used to with Adform Interiors, no matter which team is assembled for their project. In fact, our network of architecture, demolition, MEP, general construction, carpentry, flooring, finishes, lighting, and furniture partners show up on-site as Adform Interiors, even though they’re independent businesses.

When quoting projects, many construction firms give their clients what they ask for. Usually, this approach leads to sticker shock because, understandably, clients aren’t versed in construction costs. If clients don’t just walk away from that initial shocking quote, firms will re-scope and re-quote a project several times until they produce a quote that’s acceptable. 

We have learned not to rush into a quote. We don’t just give the customer what they ask for. We take time to understand what our clients need before we start planning a project. Decades of construction experience helps us estimate costs for different types and sizes of projects. We even offer an online project cost calculator to help clients do this themselves! 

The goal is to get a quote in the ballpark in the beginning. There will always be tweaks, but our approach avoids major changes to scope and cost estimates. We try to have alignment on project expectations right from the beginning. A little bit of time spent “pre-budgeting” and “pre-planning” prevents a lot of back-and-forth and saves a lot of time in the long run.

By simply focusing on what we do best, we have made practical and effective changes in how we do business. The end result is delivering projects that meet client expectations every time.

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